Alucent is the first company to bring a novel, locally-delivered pharmaceutical treatment to a market traditionally dominated by medical device solutions.

How It Works

What is Natural Vascular Scaffolding™ (NVS)

Natural Vascular Scaffolding (NVS) is the first technology of its kind combining drug-device therapy into a breakthrough treatment designed to naturally open narrowed or blocked arteries and then durably maintain arterial patency. NVS was developed to address the unmet need of patients with difficult-to-treat peripheral artery disease (PAD).

How It Works

NVS is performed in concert with standard balloon angioplasty technique. Standard angioplasty stretches the vessel wall and causes breakage of the natural links between the native collagen that provides structural stability to the artery. During the interventional procedure, a light-activated, novel small molecule medicine is delivered to the wall of the diseased artery, where it diffuses into the tissue. A NVS light fiber is illuminated, activating the drug. The drug then flexibly re-links the native collagen, a major structural component of the vessel wall, leaving it closer to its natural state. This linking restores the structure and function of the collagen, creating a natural scaffold, or stent, that holds open the vessel. NVS has the potential to improve long-term clinical outcomes in the treatment of PAD.

NVS may reduce or eliminate the need for metallic stents in patients with PAD. The therapy also has the potential to reduce treatment complications as well as unnecessary costs to the healthcare system. Its potential durability may also reduce the complications and costs associated with re-interventions.

NVS Potential

While its first intended application is for PAD, NVS may have potential application in other areas – including the treatment of coronary artery disease, AV fistula repair, venous disease, carotid and renal artery intervention, and below-the-knee lesions.