Dedicated to Transforming the Way Vascular Disease is Treated

Alucent Biomedical is a privately held biomedical company focused on a vision to transform the way vascular disease is treated. We develop and deploy advanced technologies to harness the body’s own natural physiologic processes and structures to achieve sustained vessel patency.

Alucent’s Natural Vascular Scaffolding ™ (NVS) is a breakthrough technology developed to address the unmet needs of patients with difficult-to-treat vascular diseases, including Arteriovenous Fistula (AVF) maturation for dialysis.

This first-of-its kind technology uses photoactivated protein linking to potentially restore vessels and provide durable patency without the use of stents or other implants.

Alucent Biomedical was founded by the Avera Research Institute of Avera Health and became a standalone company is 2017.